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Added nearly 8 m accommodation during the first half of our country enterprise, guangdong LuChuan most

Date: 2020-08-05

Recently many popular tourist destination hotel occupancy, including sanya part of the hotel occupancy rate of over 90%, prices rose too sharp growth.

In the industry point of view, summer travel demand growth in tourism, hotels, home stay facility sector also ushered in the rapid "h." moment, because of the outbound tourism temporarily can't open, and swim across the province also absorb part of the original group of outbound tourism guests.

Eye check pro, according to data at present in our country, there are more than 128 business scope including "accommodation", and the status of employment, survival, immigration and emigration of accommodation related businesses.From the point of view of regional distribution, the number of accommodation related enterprises in shandong province most, more than 8.6.Sichuan province and zhejiang province with 8.2 m and 7.3 m respectively quantity in DiErSanWei related enterprises.In addition, jiangsu, guangdong, henan, yunnan, hunan five provinces have more than 6 m related firms.

From the perspective of registered capital, according to the eye to check data, 66.79% of the accommodation of 0-1 million yuan registered capital of the relevant enterprises, there are more than 17.54% of the related enterprise's registered capital is 5 million yuan of above.Type from the enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households accounted for over 6, limited liability company accounted for about 3.

Both quantity and price of the hotel so chased or a home stay facility, all can see, the tourism market is accelerating.Check the inner eye, according to data in the past decade, our accommodation related enterprises (state) all enterprises annual registered growth is always stable in 10-20%.Among them, the new accommodation related enterprises nearly 220000 in 2019, is the most historical increment.

As of July 28, will be subject to industrial and commercial registration, check the inner eye, according to our country in the first half of this year were added nearly 8 m accommodation related firms (state) all enterprises.The April new nearly 2 m, rose 50.45%.It is worth noting that in guangdong, shandong and sichuan is in the first half of the new relevant enterprises at most three provinces.

On July 14th night, wen brigade headquarters office issued by the "about promoting tourism enterprises expand to resume operation resume work related matters notice, points out that the recovery across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the team travel.As of July 28, will be subject to industrial and commercial registration, check the inner eye, according to data in the first half of this year the new tourism related businesses in China more than 23 m.