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Shangmei Life Group plans to open 10,000 hotels in 2024

Date: 2020-08-17

When the epidemic improved, various hotel groups also began to expand. On August 14, according to the internal letter of Shangmei Life Group, the group also set new expansion goals in the hotel field. The internal letter pointed out that by 2024, the group will open 10,000 hotels and enter 10 countries, with mid-to-high-end hotels accounting for more than 20%; by 2030, the group will open 30,000 hotels and enter 50 countries, with mid-to-high-end hotels accounting for Over 30%, it has become the world's most extensive hotel group.

Ma Yingyao, founder and chairman of Shangmei Life Group, also stated that Shangmei will continue to focus on the hotel industry in the future and build a comprehensive and world-leading hotel group. Our products cover from budget hotels to three or four stars, and there will be five-star hotels and resorts in the future; our users are not only franchisees, but also hundreds of millions of consumers.

Ma Yingyao also believes that the current chain of economic hotels is in the ascendant, and there are still 50,000 market spaces for economic chains. This is also the space for Shangkeyou and Shangkeyoupin to continue to grow on a large scale; in addition, in the mid-market opportunities, The mid-end market is entering a state of fierce competition on the disk, but there is no leading brand, and it will also be an opportunity for its Lanou brand; in the high-end market, as consumption upgrades, the third- and fourth-tier markets have The demand for services is also increasing, and there will be a broader space in the future.

According to public information, at present, Shangmei Life Group has 10 hotel brands, namely Junrui (high-end hotel), M Hotel (boutique four-star hotel), Holiday Meidi (light luxury city resort hotel), Xunli (city Boutique Hotel), Lan Ou (Mid-Range Art Business Hotel), Lan Ou Shang Pin (Boutique Three-star Hotel), Thank You Pin (Mid-Rang Hotel), Thank You (Economy Hotel), Junyi (Economy Hotel), Orange Guest (Super budget hotel); home furnishing brand ONEZONE, and mass sales KTV brand Bao Ledi.

Although the layout is speeding up, the current major hotel groups are also starting to plan new expansion plans. Recently, Hanting, a subsidiary of China Lodging Hotels Group, stated that it will open 10,000 hotels by 2028, and will further sink the opened hotels in the market and open to the county.

From the perspective of industry insiders, high-quality properties will also become the object of competition among hotels in the future. In the mid-to-high-end hotel market, industry competition will also become more intense.